Avoid these four home upgrades before selling.

If you’re getting your home ready for the market, here are four upgrades you should avoid:

1. Remodeling or updating the upper levels or basement. Instead, focus your remodeling efforts on the main level where your kitchen is. That’s where buyers will most likely enter your home, and that’s where you want to capture their attention. 

2. Installing wainscoting or crown molding. Many people like these features, but they don’t add value to your bottom line. 

3. Adding accent walls. Although these can be fun, they affect a more personalized style, and buyers may not like your style. Again, this doesn’t add value to your bottom line. If you already have an accent wall, I suggest trying to neutralize it (if possible).

4. Replacing existing mechanical systems that are currently working. However, if any mechanical systems (furnace, water heater, A/C unit, etc.) aren’t working or are in disrepair, you may want to make those upgrades ahead of time, as that could cause a problem with your buyer’s home inspection.

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